Visual Vibes

Dec 17, 2023
Fullstack, UX/UI, AI
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Tools & Technologies

NextJSReactTypeScriptTailwindCSSSupabaseAWS AmplifyGPT-3.5GPT-VisionDALL-E-3


Product Description

Visual Vibes is a fun web application to bring animals and objects to life. The way it works is simple.

1.) Upload a picture of a distinct subject.
2.) Enter any OpenAI key
3.) Click 'Make Vibes'

Our image generation process will identify the main subject and depict them in multiple 'Vibes' including them in the Morning, Eating Lunch, Sleeping, and more. The application is meant to bring your furry or inanimate friends and show them with human-like characteristics such as working a normal job.

Check out the gallery to see some hilariously goofy examples.

Hackathon Rules

The rules stated that any type of product could be built as long as it utilized supabase technologies. We adhered to these rules by using supabase for our database utilizing their tables and storage buckets.

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